Hey Y’all!

I’m Kelsey, your photographer and graphic designer. I love road trips, Texas country music, and the jingling sound spurs make on concrete. My favorite class to show is a tie between Showmanship and Ranch Riding, and my favorite class to watch is Trail. Even after being in the horse industry for 20 years, I still tear up when I watch someone get excited about winning a world championship.

I grew up showing paint horses. Specifically, one fabulous gelding named Investers Norfleet. Norman carried me through 14 years of showing, from walk-trot all the way through amateur. He is now semi-retired in Albion, Michigan, where he is teaching intercollegiate riders how to be fabulous. When my daughter is ready to show, he will be hers to conquer the world with.

Growing up, I flipped through The Equine Chronicle until the binding fell apart and the pages fell out. I memorized the horses, who was showing them, and who they trained with. Mostly, though, I obsessed over the ads. From the age of 9, my dream job was “equine ad designer.”

I started Norfleet Marketing in 2011, creating sale videos, vinyl stall banners, and ads. I started creating logos in 2012, and since then have made a couple hundred logo designs for a variety of businesses, in and out of the equine industry. I also achieved my childhood dream of having my work published in The Equine Chronicle (along with GoHorseShow, InStride Edition, and NSBA The Way To Go, to name a few).

In 2016, I purchased my first DSLR prior to taking candids for GoHorseShow.com at the Congress. That winter, I took photos at every single IHSA show, falling deeply in love with show photography. I began taking photos of my friends and their horses as well, capturing the bonds they shared. In July of 2017, Norfleet Photography was officially born.

Now, I travel to barns and fairgrounds across the country, photographing horses and the people that love them. Most of the time, I’m accompanied by my fabulous other half, Dustin, our daughter, Kailee, and our Border Collie x Australian Shepherd, Sadie.  

Image by Jeff Kirkbride Photography

Image by Jeff Kirkbride Photography