Business Coaching for Equestrians



If you’re anything like me, you started your business in the equine industry for two reasons:

  1. You love horses


  2. You love the people that love horses.

The “horse” part comes natural. The “business” part, though… that takes some work.

Good news: I LOVE that kind of work.


What is a business coach?

Much like how we hire horse trainers to assist us in bringing along our show horses, business coaches will guide you in bringing along your business. Whether your business is just starting out, like a green futurity prospect, or changing directions, like a seasoned show horse adding a new event, or just needs a tune up, you can benefit from a business coach.

A business coach can:

  • Help you to see the “big picture”

  • Advise you when it comes to goal setting and creating actionable plans

  • Hold you accountable in relation to your goals and strategies

  • Encourage you throughout your journey

  • Guide you while determining your “why”

  • Assist with determining your target market

  • Build your confidence through encouragement & motivation

  • Act as a sounding board for new ideas



About The Coach

Hey Y’all! I’m Kelsey, and I’m a lifelong equestrian, an entrepreneur, a creative, and a “big picture thinker.”

I started creating logos for other equestrian entrepreneurs in 2012, and haven’t looked back. Those years of experience working with other business owners to find the image that best represented their brand lit a fire in me that guided me to where I am today. A couple hundred designs later, and I’ve certainly learned a thing or two about what does and doesn’t work in this industry!

To further my knowledge of business (and horses) I chose to go to college “for ponies”… that is, I acquired my bachelor of professional studies in management, with a specialization in equine business management, from Cazenovia College in 2017. During my time at Cazenovia, I not only ran Norfleet, but held a variety of other positions within the equine industry as well, including contributing writer for and Director of Advertising for East Coast Show Apparel.

I took Norfleet full time in 2018, deciding that it was my life dream to help other entrepreneurs define their success and chase their dreams. I look forward to guiding you in that process!



Coaching packages are custom in terms of what is included and frequency, dependent upon your own needs. Sessions are on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, and are each 1 hour in length. Sessions are either via voice or video call, and are recorded for your convenience.

Pricing for 1:1 business coaching sessions is as follows:

norfleet green.jpg

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