Norfleet Photography is looking to add a few talented, outgoing individuals to our staff for events in 2020. We’re looking for experienced second shooters, photography interns, and booth staff.

Second shooters must be experienced with show photography, with minimal training needed. An ideal candidate would have excellent timing and knowledge of the breed show industry, along with a creative eye. Experience with strobe lighting is not needed, but our ideal candidate must have a solid understanding of their camera’s manual setting and does not rely on continuous shutter.

Interns are not QUITE ready to be a second shooter, but have the goal of getting to that level. The ideal intern candidate has a solid understanding of their camera’s manual setting, but either needs more work on timing, or needs to gain more knowledge of the breed show industry. The ideal intern is hungry for knowledge and excited to learn.

Booth staff do not need photography experience. The ideal booth staff candidate is outgoing, personable, and organized. They should be knowledgeable about the breed show industry and comfortable working in a fast paced environment. A working understanding of technology is needed as this position does include sorting images by back number.

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This doesn't have to be photography related- I'd love to know about your background with horses, your goals, your personality, etc.
have you photographed a show before, do you feel comfortable using strobes, how do you feel your timing is, etc.
Ideal booth staff are outgoing, organized, personable, and knowledgable about the breed show industry.
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